Olive Leaf Hills Mill is a spacious 6,500 sq ft Italian stucco facility housing a 2.5-phase, 2 ton/hr Rapanelli press.

The equipment includes a hammer crusher, five individually-powered malaxers, a 1-ton decantor, two vertical separators and 3,000 liter stainless steel tanks.

Our large capacity mill, plus wide paved roads, provide easy access and quick turnaround.

Our facility has a waiting room for growers with floor-to-ceiling windows for viewing the entire milling process.

  Minimum of 500 lbs.
   Quantity Discounts
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     (707) 775-1125 or 


Easy Access

Expert Milling

Our Mission

Our mission is to mill outstanding olive oil for area growers.

We offer:

Farming &  Picking Advice

Bin Loans

All Day Delivery

Next Day Appointments

No Wait Appointments

Shaded Drop-off

Talc & Enzymes

Batch Processing

Same Day Pickup

EV Lab Testing



Bottles, Jugs & Drums

Spacious and


Fast Turnaround

Olive Leaf Hills Mill

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